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Managing People Through Change

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The change curve has been out for a loooooong time but despite it being taught in psychology and maybe change management 101 there are some common misunderstandings about the model.

Then there’s the question how do you actually practically use the model to help yourself and others either in work or personal life?

I got sick and tired of seeing others with great intentions bungle their way through trying to support people in painful phases of the change curve but with limited success (or sometimes making the situation worse!) So much so I created a mini training series (VALUE £197) which includes:

And if that wasn’t enough… the email and video series also includes appearances from Morgan Freeman, Leonardo De Caprio, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts to name just a few.

So you get… a little bit of theory, some cool and insightful specially selected movie scenes and a ton of practical advice you can use instantly to help yourself and others who are going through big change right now. This is a knockout series!  Don’t miss it!