The Truth is No One Succeeds Alone

Anyone who has ever achieved any success in life – little or large across business, sports and everything in between has had help…

Walt Disney had his brother Roy who was the business and finance brains of their partnership.

Michael Jordan had Doug Collins early in his career and Phil Jackson for 11 years at Chicago Bulls (who later went on to coach Kobe Bryant at LA Lakers). 

Recognise any famous faces at the  Solvay Mastermind Meeting from 1927?

Albert Einstein and Marie Curie are in the front row! 17 out of 27 in this photo received Nobel Prizes. Here they are hanging out, learning, getting support and collectively turning the world upside down!


Regardless of industry, topic or size of  ambition, every single person who has had any level of success has had help, guidance and counsel.

They understood the necessity and value of having trusted advisors and a community of likeminded individuals to help them on their own journey.  This includes things like…

  • The number one most important thing – someone who believes in you no matter what!
  • They see more potential and giftedness in you than you see yourself – and regularly tell you
  • Accountability – you know when the only reason you do it is cause you’d be too embarrassed to show up and say you haven’t done it! They help you overcome procrastination demons 😉
  • They connect you with others. Their network becomes your network – HUGE
  • They reward, recognise and celebrate your successes with you – even if it was as inward success rather than ones other people can see
  • They gave you insights from their experience which widened your frame of reference and allowed you to take lessons from one place and apply them in another
  • They shared learning materials – books, reports, movies, videos, audios and tools to help you
  • And a ton more! I’m still reaping the benefits from coaching I received 20+ years ago!


  • Commonwealth Games Medalist
  • Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and Judo
  • Founder & CEO
  • Cancer Survivor

But this isn’t about me… (although now you know I’m qualified, have the school of hard knocks and multiple communities behind me to support YOU!)


  • Crystal Clear Vision – right from the word go we’ll get 100% clear on who you are, what your background and current state is and what you want to achieve
  • Prioritised Plan – Once we know what you want, the most important task is to agree your prioritises for the year, month, week, day & what support you need
  • Regular 1:1 Coaching & Accountability Calls – we’ll discuss the detail behind what you want, how you’re going to get there and agree 1-3 high value action items for you to achieve in each block. We can use this time to have a frank discussion about challenges you’re having and how to deal with them
  • Regular Support & Encouragement Emails/Texts – ad hoc check-ins to find out how you’re getting on and offer any support you might need
  • Client Surprises – every now and again you’ll get a surprise that’s personal to you when you least expect it but need it the most


The truth is I don’t know for sure…  but I’m up for exploring it.  I invite you to book an initial call for us to chat through what you’d like to get from coaching, what your expectations are and for us to get to know each other a little better.

I won’t take any payment from you until I know I can genuinely help you achieve your goals.


I’ve only got 2 private client coaching spaces left and I’m offering one to you now.

Once my calendar is full I don’t know when another slot will free up so if you want breakthrough results now then don’t lose your chance.


Tashi Deley – I Honour the Greatness Within You

Jenny Davis, Founder & CEO

Ps. Remember, no one succeeds alone. I am on your side and have got your back every step of the way. All you need to do is ask and we can get started right away


“Jenny, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your immense support over the past couple of years. You have been a great mentor. Your commitment in helping me make my projects successful has been excellent and we’ve had some great laughs along the way. Thanks again.”
Nabila Riaz, Glasgow, UK
“I honestly want to say that no matter my determination to apply for a new job, I’m not sure how confident I would have been had I not had you to bounce this off of. It has been through working with you that has made me realise that this is the path I want to be on. So thank you so much. I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”
John Cleary, Edinburgh, UK
“Jenny is a really positive and calm person to work with. Jenny has been a fantastic support as I go through the lean journey, in particular the advice and feedback I have received not only working on my green belt project but the other Continuous Improvement opportunities I have worked on. Jenny gives great insight into the lean methodologies using real life examples and this has really helped build my knowledge and understanding. I really like how Jenny gets you to reflect on how you work and how best to manage your strengths and weaknesses which I have found so valuable. I am incredibly grateful for all the help and guidance I have been given – thank you!”
Helen Green, Havant, UK
“Jenny is really knowledge and guides you through with a no nonsense approach. We spent time together understanding the main problems and what the right conclusion was – I wasn’t just gifted with the answer – Jenny helped me work towards them myself.
Jenny’s also got an incredible work ethic that made me more enthused about my own career and what I could look to achieve in the future.”
Harry Palmer, Havant, UK