Your Golden Ticket to a Speaking Gig that will Knock Your Audience's Socks Off and Have Them Talking About Your Event Weeks and Months Later...

Dear Event Organiser,
If you’re running an event, big or small, you’ve got a BIG list of things to organise so your event runs smoothly and leaves your audience feeling entertained, informed and talking about it weeks, months or even years later!!
In the book ‘Talk like TED’… the author shares 9 secrets to speaking success. I think the same lessons apply for all content at your event. Some of the secrets  include…
  1. Enthusiasm, passionate and meaningful connection to the topic(s)
  2. Use stories to reach people’s hearts and minds
  3. Teach your audience something new
  4. Deliver jaw dropping moments (anything delivering a strong emotional message)
  5. Use humour without telling jokes
  6. Be open, authentic and vulnerable
The truth is... your chosen speakers are the make or break decision to event success so you want to make sure you've got someone that ticks all the boxes and more!
Don’t worry, I’ve got your back with some entertaining, interesting, thought provoking and ‘truth will set you free’ topics…
  • Sports Strategies Applied to Business
  • British Cycling’s Marginal Gains
  • FOCUS: Distraction control strategies from sport applied to business
  • What are your ‘Optimum Working Conditions’ & how to boost your personal productivity
  • Sporting Strategies Applied to Cancer Recovery
  • The truth about the Bowel Cancer journey & living with a stoma
  • High speed cycling accident recovery story: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  • From backlogs, chaos, fire fighting and fines to Operational Excellence in 4 months Case Study
  • And a ton more!
… all delivered in a way that gives your audience what they want AND what they need. Whether it’s a large scale international conference or smaller more intimate gathering.

If you book me, here's what you get...

And as if that wasn’t enough, in the words of Willy Wonka…

“I am preparing other surprises that are even more marvellous and more
fantastic for you – mystic and marvellous surprises that will entrance,
delight, intrigue, astonish, and perplex you beyond measure.”

If you’re interested in having me attend your special event click below to get in touch…


To Your Success,

Jenny Davis

Ps. If you’re curious, see the map below for where Jenny has spoken so far or has speaking engagements planned. You’ll see I’ve have started venturing outside the UK so watch this space for more exciting places I’m visiting and spreading the word…


"Jenny, I think you did a cracking job. You were both creative, energetic and engaging. You had the full attention of all of the Exec and I could tell this by their body language and the way they were following up. I do not see this reaction very often! It made me reflect on some of the conversations we have had at Women's Development Network about confidence, creativity, commercialism and leadership. You both role modelled this brilliantly. Thank you."
Nicky Riding, People Director
Standard Life Plc
"Jenny, many thanks for your presentation at the 'Invest NI' Business Excellence Conference. I thought the level at which each of the presentations were pitched was very relevant to the audience, and thought yours in particular highlighted just how the theory could be applied in so many different subjects. Many thanks, keep up the good work!"
David Glasgow, Specdrum
"Hi Jenny, I really enjoyed your keynote on marginal gains in sport and business and as a former sportsman never really linked the two, this gave me great insight to take back to the company."
James Selby, Accolade Wines
"Thanks again for the great session you gave us on marginal gains. We've had lots of people giving feedback on how great the session was and how they're trying to put it into practice in the office."
Lloyds Banking Group
"Jenny delivered a really honest and open talk about her physical and mental recovery from her cycling accident back in 2016. It's a great story and one that we can all take lots of lessons learned in recovering from the unexpected. Thanks again, it gave us plenty of food for thought."
Sheila Ross
The University of Edinburgh
"Fantastic final session and close to the day from Jenny regarding how the success of the Marginal Gains Programme of British Cycling can be transferred to the business world. Fish oil, cranberry jiuce, hand washing and secret squirrels all covered!! Never underestimate the cumulative difference a number of small changes can make"
@ ILSSI Conference 2019

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