If you’re a business leader who wants to boost your team’s knowledge, skills and talents for high performance and results just like British Cycling, The All Blacks & Liverpool FC but in your own corner of the world, this is for you…

Our aim is for you and your team to get as much value, enjoyment and return on investment as possible before, during and after the training. Here are your options…

Strive Training, Workshops and Programmes...

Lean Six Sigma

Yellow Belt Training

Online and in person options available for both individuals or groups. 

Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt Training

Online and in person options available for both individuals or groups.

6 Week Challenge


‘The 6 Week Challenge Accelerator’ hands you a proven, step by step roadmap for fast tracking your continuous improvement programme for increased participation rates, increased delivery rate & improved business performance & results FAST.

Leadership Productivity

This six-week programme focuses on three core personal productivity areas: prioritisation, distraction control & optimum working conditions. It includes workshops, exercises, gamification & prizes. All designed to bring focus & productivity improvements as the weeks progress. You’re team will be unstoppable by the time the six weeks are over!

Managing & Leading
Teams Remotely

This training programme gives you & your team the tools they need to be their best when working remotely. Learn actionable leadership & productivity strategies to avoid the pitfalls of working from home so your team stay motivated, engaged & can reach their individual & team objectives together.

How to Successsfully
Systematise Your Business

Learn how to reduce the chaos and increase your profits by building a stable business run on systems and processes. It’s time to let your business be operated successfully by your employees, leaving you time and energy to develop the business, increase your profits and reduce the stress your under.

What Others Are Saying...

"Jenny's passion for development for others shines through. She has an ability to both explain complex information in an engaging way at the same time as building your self confidence, to make you believe you can do it. She really helped me to grow at a point in my career when I needed the support."
Joanne Edgar
"You were a 'star' again and I received lots of positive feedback about your workshop. Mike (event sponsor) told me it was his favourite of the whole 2-day event and would love to invite you back to TWI. Well Done! We'd love to see you again in 2021!"
John Dennis
ILSSI Chairman



Sometimes all you need is one idea properly implemented and executed to take your business to the next level so let’s get started. 

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Jenny Davis, Founder & CEO

Ps.  I leave you with this quote from Jack Welch on the importance of investing in your people…

"Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself.

After you become a leader, success is about growing others."

Let’s get together to blow your teams socks off and really make a difference in their working and personal lives. The sooner we can chat the sooner we can get started with them 🙂

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